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Why CEOs + Founders With 2-25k Twitter Followers Should Convert Their Audience Into Loyal Newsletter Subscribers
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A crash course on why you need to convert your Twitter audience to an email listWhy an email list means you own your audience AND you'll free yourself from the Twitter algorithmHow to build deeper relationships with targeted content that reaches your audience directly

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Written by Tessa Davis, who grew her Twitter account by 200k in 12 months, and grew her newsletter from 0-17k in 9 months. She's also done the same for 50+ clients.

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Day 1: Don’t Rent Your Audience, Own Your AudienceDay 2: Don’t Shout Into A Void, Attract Your Target AudienceDay 3: Don’t Risk Losing Your Followers, Convert And Keep ThemDay 4: Don’t Expect People To Know Who You Are, Build Your Personal BrandDay 5: Don’t Wait, Convert Your Twitter Followers To Newsletter Subscribers Now